Phone loan an alternative to traditionalist

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine the lack of access to the Internet. Almost every home, store, office or restaurant has unlimited access to online devices. Such digitization has caused many companies to move their services completely to the network, limiting themselves to online sales and customer service.

The same is true for non-bank institutions that offer payday loans online. also took into account people who prefer the traditional type of contact, giving the possibility of taking payday loans on the phone.

What is a phone loan?

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The non-banking services industry is distinguished by its great flexibility when it comes to approaching clients. They can set the amount for which they apply and the repayment date. Borrowers can also choose a method of granting loans, as payday loans for text messages, via the Internet and traditional telephone loans are available.

Their parameters are the same in every case, only the loan application process differs. The whole procedure involves contacting the consultant by phone , who needs to answer a few simple questions about credit preferences and provide their details.

How do you get a quick phone loan?

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As a new customer, you can take advantage of the free payday loan offer. Unfortunately, this does not apply to credit over the phone, because it is only granted to customers who apply for a loan again . As a new customer, you must register your account on the lender’s website and complete a short application, supplementing it with proof details. Granting a payday phone call is limited to a few simple steps:

  • Contact a consultant – instead of completing the application for another loan, all you have to do is call 22 228 21 03 and talk to your consultant about your expectations regarding the loan.

  • Formalities – after determining the amount and repayment date of the loan, the consultant will ask you to provide some basic information about you, such as name, surname or home address.

  • Cash withdrawal – after granting the loan, the money will be paid to your account or in your hand at the post office, if you decided to carry out the service with a GIRO check.

Waiting for a phone call is a solution for traditionalists who value direct contact with a company representative regarding finances. During the conversation, you can ask about all doubts and with the help of a consultant choose the best offer.

Who can apply for a loan by phone?

Who can apply for a loan by phone?

The rules for granting loans online are the same as for customers applying for online payday loans. The offer is available to anyone who is between 20-70 years old, has Polish citizenship and residential address in the country and has repaid his previous liability to the company .

An interesting solution is a phone loan for the indebted, who can use it to settle financial arrears and got a negative decision in the bank. During the conversation with the consultant, he will ask about the source of income, which does not necessarily have to result from permanent employment. Therefore, the offer can also be used by the unemployed, who earn a disability pension, old-age pension or social benefits .

A telephone loan without bases is granted regardless of the credit history, but you must remember not to have any debt towards . A telephone conversation with a consultant is also an opportunity to find a solution if you cannot deal with the outstanding repayment of payday loans. He may offer you a consolidation loan to deal with your financial arrears.

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